We formed as a group of young professionals with a strong interest in online retail and customer support. We combine our skills in software development and business to develop an online retail store called Schwarz Tea! The word Schwarz means "Black" in German and represents our interest in the deep and complex flavors of oxidized (black) teas. Common black teas sold in Canadian supermarkets offer a limited choice of leaf cut and flavor, so we decided to provide teas you cannot find in superstores.

We are based in BC and Alberta, Canada and order teas from a supplier in Toronto, Ontario.
Joseph Dietz (Owner)
Software Engineer
BSc.(University of Victoria), Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science (University of British Columbia)

The Tea
We sell black tea, tea pots, kettles and  accessories. Our tea pots are imported from Japan and accessories from a Canadian supplier. 500 Gram tea is packaged in a nitrogen-sealed bag and can be stored for 20 years. Smaller sizes are packaged in plastic lined paper bags.

Our Business
We ship orders from two separate warehouses in Alberta and BC. Where possible, we include shipping in the price. Teas shipped to Canada  are included in the price. A small shipping fee is added to teas shipped to the United States.
Online Shopping Cart
We have chosen to use OpenCart software for our online store because it is open source and easily modifiable. For website security, we use High-grade 256 bit encryption verified by GeoTrust Inc. Payments are managed by square.com which integrates well with OpenCart.

Please contact us at team@schwarztea.com. We hope you enjoy your next cup of black tea!